Hunger Games of Panem
Task 6

It is nearly time for the final battle.  In the forest there is none, on the island 1, in the grasslands 1 and the mountain 2.  The final battle will not commence until there is 1 in the mountain.

How do you proceed? (basically how do the two in the mountain try and kill eachother and how do the other prepare for the final battle)

Due Friday @ 5pm EST

Task 5

What do you do now?

Due Monday June 11th @ 8pm EST

Task 2

Private Training.  You have 15 minutes to impress us.  And good luck with that because I haven’t been impressed in the past few years.  Do something that will stand out, but remember you aren’t some girl who volunteered for her younger sister and illegally hunts in the woods so you are a beast at archery.  No…that is not you.  There are ways to stand out without being unrealistic.

Due Thursday June 7th @ 6pm

Task 1

What an HONOR it is to be Reaped and represent your district!  Your first task is simple.  Get in touch with your District partner to plan your parade outfits, or decide yours on your own!

Due via email to BOTH AN

By 10pm EST Tuesday 6/5