Hunger Games of Panem
Reaping-District 10

The was a quiet mooing and bleating of some of the livestock. They seemed to know what was happening as well. Some people woke up even earlier than usual to tend to the cattle so they could watch the reaping. Best friends hugged each other like the parents did and wished each other luck.
The mayor came forward and said his speech before returning. The escort walked out and welcomed them all in her annoying high voice.
“And now let’s choose our female tribute” She walked to the bowl, circled her hand twice and snatched a slip of paper.
” Ivy Bluebell”
The girl gave a small cry before composing herself and walking to the front. She had the habit of daydreaming and then coming back to reality and getting a little confused. She hoped that she was daydreaming right now.
“Oblivion Felis”
A boy walked out and walked up to the stage keeping his eyes firmly in front of him. Most knew that he was kleptomaniac, but in the games, that could be a gift.
“District 10, your tributes Ivy Bluebell and Oblivion Felis!”

Reaping-District 9

Bits of grain flew in the air and littered the floor as the crowd formed. They had all got up early to sign in. They wanted it over and done with. Waking up early seemed to be there way of doing that. The children lined up within their age groups. They hoped that they wouldn’t be the unlucky ones. The mayor took the stage and talked about sticking together and that they would be a hero if they were a tribute. Everyone knew that these were lies.
“The first tribute is Pirouette Reverie”
She walked to the front feeling all eyes on her. She was a creative girl and pretty confident, although not at this moment. Was this going to be the last time she would be home?
“The second tribute is Façade Obliviscor”
People were shocked. They thought that he might have a chance as he was very good at creating things.
“The two tributes Pirouette Reverie and Façade Obliviscor”

Reaping-District 8

The factories were all closed for the reaping and all of the district gathered. Everyone exchanged nervous looks, even the people onstage. Nobody wanted to be that person to help the tributes to their death. The escort wandered down the stage to the bowl.
“District 8, your male tribute is Holly Pine”
He looked up and made his way up the stage, keeping her eyes on the floor. This might be his way out of the pain he has been living with ever since he was 13.
“Your female tribute is Jessie Jackson”
A girl looked up. Se smiled, she had finally been picked. She found it hard to stop herself from running.
“The district 8, I present your two tributes. Holly Pine and Jessie Jackson!”

Reaping-District 7

The trees surrounding district 7 casted a shadow over the square. They rustled in the wind which blew down on the people. Not all the people turned up as some were busy at work, cutting down the trees. The parents said their goodbyes and the doors opened. The escort walked straight to the girls bowl and pulled out a name.
” Tsukiko Akiyama”
A girl looked up and walked slowly towards the stage. Not much was known about this girl. She didn’t seem to enjoy socialisation and when she did join a conversion, she would normally just listen to the other person. She looked over her shoulder and thought about what was at her home. Would they be OK?
The boys name was picked and being read out
” Olympus Motecarlo”
A boy walked to the stage. He was strong and fit. Well if you were the son of two athletes then you would be too.
“Your tributes, Tsukiko Akiyama and Olympus Motecarlo!”

Reaping-District 6

The whistling of trains echoed around the district. The whole district apart from those driving the trains. Parents hugged their children and patted them on their backs before watching them walk away, attempting to hold back their tears. The escort came out and went to the boys bowl first. She picked out a slip and read out the name.
” Yamaha Golightly”
A boy of about 17 came out of the crowd and walked, almost sulkily to the stage.
“And now the girls. Odessa Maulanani”
She gave a grin as she went to the stage. This was her chance to shine. ” Odessa Maulanani and Yamaha Golightly!”

Reaping-District 5

The people of district 5 had been dreading this day all year. The smoke from the power plants represented the atmosphere . Dark and dismal. The children huddled together, none wanting to be picked. Younger ones looked around with wide eyes. The doors opened and the mayor gave a few words of encouragement and the escort took his place.
“We all know that you have been waiting for this day all year so let’s get it over and done with” He moved to the bowls. He read pout a name.
“I volunteer!”
A girl came out of the crowd and went onto the stage. The escort asked her for her name.
” Willow Flannery” she answered. She had volunteered as a sacrifice to God. It wasn’t her choice, but her parents forced her into it because they are very religious.
The escort nodded and went to the boys
” Zwei Handerson”
He walked out of the crowd. People recognised him as the boy who liked to experiment. He was quite smart, most of the time.
“The tributes for district 5, Zwei Handerson and Willow Flannery!”

Reaping-District 4

The smell of the sea wafted over the district and the atmosphere was, again, similar to District 1 and 2. Well this was the last career district. Most had taken days off from their jobs to see who would be picked. Parents told their children that this would be their lucky day before they signed in. The doors opened a and the escort strutted thought in her huge heals which she could never walk in. This was what she wore every year.
“Welcome, welcome District 4 to your reaping!” She waddled along to the female tribute names. She pulled one out and read.
” Fantasea Fessas”
And shout of delight came from somewhere in the crowd and a girl with bright hair came out of the crowd. She ran to the stage. Some people were disappointed that she was picked. They all thought she was strong enough, but she was pretty. They would miss seeing her in the tank in the restaurant she worked in.
” Marco Llewellyn”
A boys head snapped up at the sound of his name. He was shaking and grabbed the hem of his shirt to attempt to stop.
“Your tributes, Marco Llewellyn and Fantasea Fessas!”

Reaping-District 3

District 3 was perhaps the opposite of the two previous districts. The people gathered in the square which was surrounded by factories and electrical towers. There was also a constant buzzing of electric. Siblings held hands and parents said goodbye to their children who might not come back. It took longer for everyone to gather because of the reluctance. Finally, everyone signed in and took their place. The doors opened and the mayor took his place, said the speech and sat back down. The escort stood behind the girls bowl and picked out a name without an introduction.
“The female tribute is Lanni Greene!”
A gasp went through the crowd. All eyes looked at a girl who didn’t respond to her name. She didn’t know why people were looking at her and it was only when a girl signed to her that she was picked, she went forward. There were mumbles through the crowd. What chance could a girl like her have in the games? A girl who is deaf?
The escort swiftly moved on and went to the boys bowl.
“The male tribute is Cordin Rhee!”
Heads turned to look at the boy. He was considered to be a bit of a strange boy as he didn’t have much interest in technology, his districts job. The two tributes stood either side of the escort.
“District 3s tributes, Lanni Greene and Cordin Rhee!”

Reaping-District 2

The atmosphere in District 2 was similar to district 1. The two career districts had a similar amount of excitement, but District 2 seemed to want it to happen quickly. Most were ready to shout “I volunteer!” as soon as the name was announced. The doors opened and out walked all of the important people. The mayor sat straight down instead of giving a speech. Nobody listened to it. The escort walked over the the girls bowl and shouted in her squeaky voice and said a name. It was blocked out.
“I volunteer!” It was Calla Bloodtear. She bounded out as a huff of jealousy echoed around the girls.
She walked briskly to the stage and beamed to the crowd.
“And now the boys.”
She picked out a name.
“Hades Naylor”
A boy of a young age walked out and towards the stage. Not much was known about him, apart from his strange name.
“Here are your two tributes, Calla Bloodtear and Hades Naylor!”
Calla was still beaming when they were lead into the Justice Building.

Reaping-District 1

There was a buzz of excitement within District 1 as the whole district turned up as fast as they could. The children signed in and went into their sections, the youngest at the back and the oldest at the front. They talked to each other, arguing over who was likely to be picked. The whole district fell silent as the doors to the justice building opened and the mayor, victors and the district’s escort all walked out. The mayor said a few words before sitting down and the escort took his place.
“Hello District 1, and welcome to the reaping of the Hunger Games! We know that you have all been waiting for this moment for a while”.
This was true of course.
“Now, to shake it up a bit, gentlemen first”
His hand circled the bowl before finally picking out a slip of paper.
“The male tribute is…. Peter Rith!”
Heads turned and all eyes rested on a boy, age 15, who slid past the other boys. He pulled down his sleeves, trying to hide what was underneath. He walked up to the stage and waited while the escort went over to the girl’s bowl.
“And the lovely female tribute is……Light Beam!”
A girl squealed with delight and walked confidently out, giving the other girls a look that said ‘if you volunteer, I will kill you’
She went on stage and the two soon-to-be tributes shook hands.
“The tributes for District 1. Peter Rith and Light Beam!”

Let the games begin!~Fay
My rules.

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When are the games starting?

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Attention Tributes-An Important Notice!

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