Hunger Games of Panem
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59th Hunger Games- Tributes

District One

Peter Rith

Light Beam

District Two

Hades Naylor

Calla Bloodtear

District Three

Cordin Rhee

Lanni Green

District Four

Marco Llewellyn

Fantasea Fessas

District Five

Zwei Handerson

Willow Flannery

District Six

Yamaha Golightly

Odessa Maulanani

District Seven

Olympus Motecarlo

Tsukiko Akiyama

District Eight

Holly Pine

Jessie Jackon

District Nine

Façade Obiliscor

Pirouette Reverie  

District Ten

Oblivion Felis

Ivy Bluebell

District Eleven

Hesh Underson


District Twelve

Gunter Lansdow

Maggie (hope this is ok)

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Task 1-The Parades

You all arrive to the Capital and are whisked away to be prepared for the parades. You have gotten to grip with the fact that you are now tributes and are ready to face what ever comes next. Your stylist styles and dresses you up for the whole of Panem. This will be the first time people will see you. Also, you will be watched by me. You need to impress. Are you ready to face the crowd?

-Write in 3rd person i.e. She said
-You can use images but they have to be either photos or your own drawings.
-I will not be editing it so it will be posted straight onto the blog, so watch what you write.

The task is due in on Tuesday 8th April 11pm GMT. Ask for any extentions~Fay

The Capital

Fay sat on a chair in her bedroom, waiting for the reapings to start. She hated waiting. She threw knives against the wall, hitting the centre of the hand-drawn target on the wall every time. A buzz came through on her phone and a person’s face appeared as a hologram. It was one of her workers.
“Not long until the start of the reapings miss.”
The man sounded scared. She liked that. She got up and collected the knives from the wall.
“How long?” She asked as she put the knives back into the draws.
“Five minutes” He winced. She nearly swore.
She put on a fake smile and said in a quiet voice. She knew that this was scarier than shouting.
“Five minutes? I told you to let me know when it was twenty minutes. Get everything sorted and don’t let it happen again”.
“Yes miss”
He disappeared and Fay grabbed her badge before running out. She didn’t have enough time. Fay got the control room just as there was a countdown for one minute. She grabbed a clipboard of someone, she didn’t look to see who it was and took her place in the next room. She had to watch the tributes that had been reaped to see if the arena needed to be changed in any way to make it harder for the tributes as well as her job of running the games. She watched the reaping start.
District 1 was reaped first. The boy was trying to hide something and the girl looked like being picked was Christmas.
District 2 came second. The girl volunteered which wasn’t unusual for that district and a very young boy.
District 3 came next. The girl was deaf? Interesting. Everyone gave strange looks to the boy.
The last career district, District 4. The girl was defiantly noticeable and the boy seemed very scared.
District 5 was next. The girl volunteered which was unusual. The people thought that the boy had a chance.
Next, District 6. The boy didn’t seem very happy and the girl seemed the opposite.
District 7 was interesting. Nobody seemed to know who the girl was and the boy seemed strong.
District 8, followed. There was something about the boy which Fay couldn’t put her finger on and the girl seemed over the moon to go to her death.
District 9 had some strange names. They both seemed to be similar.
The two tributes from District 10 were a little strange. The girl seemed to be on a different planet and the boy kept on getting evil looks.
District 11 was also interesting. The girl was young and there was some drama with the boy. To the boys friend, was that supposed to be an insult?
District 12 was last. The girl seemed to expect it and the boy seemed ‘tuff’. Those people are easy to break down.
These were an interesting bunch, Fay thought. The capital seal showed on the screen along with the anthem before the screen went black. She went out of her room into the main control room.
“Right everybody, this is going to be an interesting year.”

Reaping-District 12

The last district to be reaped. The children were all ready, but that didn’t mean that they weren’t nervous. Terrified in fact. The men had all gone off to the mines to work and the mothers had to stay at home to make sure the kids would have some support. The mayor stood at the front and gave a long speech which everyone had heard already. The escort then took to the stage.
“Welcome to the Annual Hunger Games!” She said. “Time to see which lucky young man and woman will be chosen”
She went and took a slip of paper out of the girls bowl.
A girl just shrugged her shoulders and walked. She had been expecting this, but that didn’t mean that there was a small bit of hope.
The escort then picked out another slip, but from the boys bowl.
“Gunter Lansdow”
The boy pushed passed the other boys and strode to the stage. He was big and strong, but also had the habit of acting tougher than he was.
“The tributes representing District 12, Maggie and Gunter Lansdow!”

Reaping-District 11

Only a certain number of people in the district were in the square. The names had been already picked so they already knew who the two tributes were going to be to keep down the number of people in the square. The district had too may people. The lucky children who didn’t have to go had given them all sad looks. They were the lucky ones this year. The rest of the district gathered. There were Peacekeepers everywhere.
The escort put his hand in the bowl but everyone knew that there was one name.
” Josie”
A girl was pushed forward , wide eyes. She was only 12 years old. She didn’t stand much chance.
The next name was pulled out.
“Hesh Underson”.
A boy walked to the front with a look of confidence, but inside he was terrified. Another boy shouted out something that he couldn’t understand. Once on the stage, he saw his best friend being dragged away and beaten. He was the one who shouted.
” Your tributes, Josie and Hesh Underson!”

Reaping-District 10

The was a quiet mooing and bleating of some of the livestock. They seemed to know what was happening as well. Some people woke up even earlier than usual to tend to the cattle so they could watch the reaping. Best friends hugged each other like the parents did and wished each other luck.
The mayor came forward and said his speech before returning. The escort walked out and welcomed them all in her annoying high voice.
“And now let’s choose our female tribute” She walked to the bowl, circled her hand twice and snatched a slip of paper.
” Ivy Bluebell”
The girl gave a small cry before composing herself and walking to the front. She had the habit of daydreaming and then coming back to reality and getting a little confused. She hoped that she was daydreaming right now.
“Oblivion Felis”
A boy walked out and walked up to the stage keeping his eyes firmly in front of him. Most knew that he was kleptomaniac, but in the games, that could be a gift.
“District 10, your tributes Ivy Bluebell and Oblivion Felis!”

Reaping-District 9

Bits of grain flew in the air and littered the floor as the crowd formed. They had all got up early to sign in. They wanted it over and done with. Waking up early seemed to be there way of doing that. The children lined up within their age groups. They hoped that they wouldn’t be the unlucky ones. The mayor took the stage and talked about sticking together and that they would be a hero if they were a tribute. Everyone knew that these were lies.
“The first tribute is Pirouette Reverie”
She walked to the front feeling all eyes on her. She was a creative girl and pretty confident, although not at this moment. Was this going to be the last time she would be home?
“The second tribute is Façade Obliviscor”
People were shocked. They thought that he might have a chance as he was very good at creating things.
“The two tributes Pirouette Reverie and Façade Obliviscor”

Reaping-District 8

The factories were all closed for the reaping and all of the district gathered. Everyone exchanged nervous looks, even the people onstage. Nobody wanted to be that person to help the tributes to their death. The escort wandered down the stage to the bowl.
“District 8, your male tribute is Holly Pine”
He looked up and made his way up the stage, keeping her eyes on the floor. This might be his way out of the pain he has been living with ever since he was 13.
“Your female tribute is Jessie Jackson”
A girl looked up. Se smiled, she had finally been picked. She found it hard to stop herself from running.
“The district 8, I present your two tributes. Holly Pine and Jessie Jackson!”

Reaping-District 7

The trees surrounding district 7 casted a shadow over the square. They rustled in the wind which blew down on the people. Not all the people turned up as some were busy at work, cutting down the trees. The parents said their goodbyes and the doors opened. The escort walked straight to the girls bowl and pulled out a name.
” Tsukiko Akiyama”
A girl looked up and walked slowly towards the stage. Not much was known about this girl. She didn’t seem to enjoy socialisation and when she did join a conversion, she would normally just listen to the other person. She looked over her shoulder and thought about what was at her home. Would they be OK?
The boys name was picked and being read out
” Olympus Motecarlo”
A boy walked to the stage. He was strong and fit. Well if you were the son of two athletes then you would be too.
“Your tributes, Tsukiko Akiyama and Olympus Motecarlo!”

Reaping-District 6

The whistling of trains echoed around the district. The whole district apart from those driving the trains. Parents hugged their children and patted them on their backs before watching them walk away, attempting to hold back their tears. The escort came out and went to the boys bowl first. She picked out a slip and read out the name.
” Yamaha Golightly”
A boy of about 17 came out of the crowd and walked, almost sulkily to the stage.
“And now the girls. Odessa Maulanani”
She gave a grin as she went to the stage. This was her chance to shine. ” Odessa Maulanani and Yamaha Golightly!”