Hunger Games of Panem
Task 3-Interviews

After your PT you are whisked away to get ready for your interview. This will be the last time to speak to your loved ones and most importantly get some sponsor points and to impress me.
You can use as many question as you want but you have to answer these questions.
-What was your thoughts on getting reaped
-What has the experience of being a tribute been like so far?
-Who have you left behind?
-Is there anything you would like to say to them before you go into the games?
-You are aloud to discribe what you are wearing.
- If you impress me then you still might be in with a chance of a reward.
-If you haven’t submitted in a task then this is you last chance because I will make your life hell in the arena of I haven’t killed you.
-Must be handed in seperatly to the PT.
-It will be posted straight to the blog.
-Must be in 3rd person i.e Day said

The task must be handed in at the same time as the PT-Tuesday 22nd April at 11pm GMT

Task Two-PT

You have been in training and it is finally time for your private training. You will be scored on whatever skill you present. You wait and watch other tributes go and be assessed. You hear your name on a speaker and get up, feeling all eyes on you.
You walk into the training room and see possibly the most important people to do with the games. There are sponsors, game maker and most importantly, Head Gamemaker Fay who will decide your fate.
“You have only ten minutes to show us what you can do with the perticular skill you present. Go” says Fay.

-You will be scored on a skill that you present. I will take into consideration your background and what district you are from(e.g.district 9 tributes won’t be really good at fighting with a trident)
-You can only present one skill.
-You may use the trainers or avoxs but you have to be civil and not kill them.
-Any attempts to attack me or any of the gamemakers or sponsors will result in a death in extreme pain before the games (I’m pretty imaginative)
-Wite in 3rd person I.e Fay said
-Points will be turned into sponsor points.
-You will get sponsor points for completing this task

The task is due Tuesday 22nd April at 11pm GMT


District One
•Peter Rith
Did not submit task
•Light Beam
Did not submit task
District Two
•Hades Naylor
Hades walked through the crowd of tributes who were all waiting for the parades to begin. He stood next to his horse and stroked its main. He hadn’t seen a horse up close before. The rare appearance of one in his home district would be from afar. He guessed that they were used to train the Peacekeepers.
Hades wore an outfit which was supposed to look like the Peacekeepers uniform-but the Capital style. It was white and had the District 2 seal on the back which was made out of red sequins and jewels. His stylist walked over to him and handed him a pair of red gloves. He put them on and the tucked the end of them under his jacket. The stylist then gave him a helmet which was covered in white jewels. He was just meant to hold it, rather than put it on.
When Hades was alone again he looked at the chariot which showed him his reflection. He was supposed to look cute but it just made him look stupid. All the tributes looked good apart from him. He climbed onto the chariot when they were all supposed to and he held the helmet to his side and balanced it on his hip. He looked up at his district partner. She looked beautiful in her outfit but Hades looked ridiculous. She also looked like standing next to him was the worst thing that she could imagine.
The chariot went forward and they followed the chariot in front which carried the District 1 tributes. Hades straightened his back and held the arm which wasn’t carrying the helmet to his side. He occasionally smiled at the crowd and did a small solute. He supposed that he looked cute because of the faces of the Capital residents. The chariots soon returned inside and Hades jumped off and shoved the helmet into his stylist’s stomach. He was now a career and done with being cute.
•Calla Bloodtear
Did not submit task
District Three
•Cordin Rhee
Did not submit task
•Lanni Green
Lanni cautiously stepped onto the chariot, desperate not to fall over and embarrass herself in front of her competitors; her deafness was one major weakness, and she couldn’t afford to give the other tributes another reason to target her during the Games. Trying not to focus on the real Games, Lanni closely evaluated the outfit her stylist had carefully designed and created for her.
She wore a black unitard with an electric green pattern that represented the printed circuit of a circuit board. Her stylist had also added the touch of creating a crown made of a black glass-reinforced plastic with an lustrous green pattern, which also resembled the circuit of a circuit board. To complete the technological appearance Lanni had, her hair had also been dyed a vivid green color, of which she wanted to keep for both her private training session and interview, simply just to create an unforgettable impression.
Clearly not keeping track of time, Lanni looked up to see that the District 1 and 2 chariots were already being pulled out onto the Capitol street. As the lights of the Capitol hit the District 3 chariot and reflected the green patterns of her outfit, Lanni stared forward and smiled, holding her hand up as if to greet the mass of Capitol citizens who cheered from the stands. Although she couldn’t hear them, she was certain that many encouraging hollers and cries could be heard; and that an abundance were directed at both her and Cordin.

It was when the chariot was merely a few metres from the circle where the President gave the authoritative speech that Lanni began signing to the Capitol crowds. She knew that hardly any of the citizens would understand her, so it was a perfect time to send a message to her friends and family, who would undoubtedly be watching the live broadcast of the opening ceremonies.
“I will do my best”, she began, ”No matter what happens to me, know that I love you all, and that you are all forever in my heart”, it was all Lanni could do to refrain from crying as she stopped her sign language; and she continued to wave and smile to the crowd until she had to listen to the muted version of the President’s speech. It was only after the whole ordeal was over that tears began to stream down the deafened girl’s face, and she vowed to do all she could to return home to the family she was forced to leave behind.

District Four
•Marco Llewellyn
Excused from task
•Fantasea Fessas
Her arms crossed, Fantasea Fessas of District 4 leaned against her chariot, staring at her stylist with looks that could poison a man. She hated that bitch. She hated her ever since she first met her. When someone introduces themselves to you, they normally say hello or hi, how’s it going? Or, in Fantasea’s case, a firm middle finger. But no, this bitch was different. Instead of doing any of the above, this red pile of vomit decided it would be best to embrace Fantasea in a bone crushing hug and plant a big, sloppy wet kiss on her cheek. Fantasea had still not recovered from that traumatic incident.
She had threatened to kill her stylist several times, but for whatever reason the bitch just kept coming. And she kept coming back more determined than ever. For instance, when she was handing Fantasea her parade outfit, the one redeemable thing that made the woman slightly less disgusting in her eyes, she went and ruined it by kissing her cheek again. Shortly after, Fantasea made a mental note to kill that fucking woman the moment she emerged from the arena as mentor. It was only a matter of time, anyway.
Fantasea had to admit that even though she hated her stylist with every bone in her body, the woman still knew how to make costumes. The girl from 4 was topless, her brightly dyed blue hair barely covering her tatas. What was she wearing underneath? Nothing. The only thing that was covering her cootchie was a well placed seashell. Yeah, she was so great at designing costumes. A crap ton of work must have went into this design, obviously.
Scoffing, Fantasea climbed aboard her chariot and joined her District Partner. She hadn’t bothered to learn his name because, frankly, she didn’t give a flying fuck about what this kid’s name was. Pretty soon he’d be dead, so it’s not like it mattered to her. Who knows, maybe she’ll learn his name during the victory tour.
As the parade lurched forward, Fantasea took one last look at her stylist. Said stylist waved at her, blowing her kisses every other second. The only thing Fantasea had to offer to her was her middle finger, elongated and erect and standing proud at attention.
Suddenly, the screams and shouts of the Capitol people were upon Fantasea. She responded the same way she had responded to all of the paying customers at the club where she worked. She baited them. She showed off her body, abusing the fact that she was naked with the exception of a seashell. The Capitol ate it up. Fantasea smirked. These fools were in the palm of her hand, they just didn’t know it yet

District Five
•Zwei Handerson
Did not submit task
•Willow Flannery
Did not submit task
District Six
•Yamaha Golightly
Did not submit task
•Odessa Maulanani
Did not submit task

District Seven
•Olympus Motecarlo
Did not submit task
•Tsukiko Akiyama
Tsukiko exits her dressing room stealthily. She closes the door, making sure that it is soundless when she does so. Her feet bare, she tiptoes over to her chariot, none of the other tributes taking notice of her. A smile appears on her lips for only a moment, as result of none of her competitors see her sneaking about. Tsukiko gingerly hops onto her chariot, startling her district partner.
Atop Tsukiko Akiyama’s head is a laurel crown. The golden leaves stand out against her dark, luscious locks of hair. Tsukiko adjusts this crown, ensuring that everything concerning her outfit for the parades is immaculate. Strands of her hair are twisted back, framing the side of her head. They seem to be another crown, below the actual one. At the back of her head, these hairs flow freely, cascading down her back in a wavy manner. Golden laurel leaves are at certain intervals in her hair. Tsukiko wears little makeup. A light pink lipstick is visible on her lips, along with a rosy colored blush dusted on her cheeks. Her eye makeup is meant to bring out the color in her eyes and is not very noticeable. The focal piece of her outfit is her dress. It is an Ancient Greek inspired garb, quite simple and tasteful. It’s made from a long, flowing white fabric. It has thin sleeves that go over her shoulders. At the top of the dress, on the bust, is an ornate pattern depicting various plants and flowers in golden thread. When looked at closely, the entire dress seems to have these patterns, giving off an ethereal glow. Tsukiko’s feet are bare, as mentioned earlier.
Tsukiko looks up at the odds leaderboard, waiting for the chariots to take off. She giggles upon seeing as how the odds are depicted to not be in her favor in any way. “How wrong they are!” Tsukiko thinks to herself. She begins to examine the outfits of the other tributes with distaste, hating how gaudy they are. Tsukiko assumes that the stylists are just dressing them so that they’ll be noticed, but not remembered. Tsukiko, worried that she will suffer this same fate, quickly hops off of her chariot and back into her dressing room. She approaches her stylist, ready to make a few demands. “I would like a bow and arrow, a stag, and a length of rope,” Tsukiko states.
“Absolutely not!” he exclaims.
“I assumed you would say that. I didn’t want to have to do this, but now, I have to,” Tsukiko says as she withdraws something from her dress. A simple throwing knife.
“How did you get-,” he stylist starts, but is interrupted when Tsukiko holds the knife up to his neck.
“Now, you can meet my demands or meet the same fate as twenty-three of the children who go into the arena. It’s your choice,” Tsukiko says. A look of fear is in her stylist’s eyes as he reaches for a device of sorts and dials a number.
“I need a bow and arrow, a stag and a length of rope, stat!” he commands, in fear of his life.
“Good. Now, we wait. You did well, better than most people would,” Tsukiko comments. Soon enough, there is a knock at the door. Tsukiko takes the liberty of answering it, swinging the door open and taking the three items from the Capitol attendants that must cater to her every need. Tsukiko, with all of these items in tow, exits the room, but not before she tosses her knife at the wall, slicing off a bit of her stylist’s ear in the process. She approaches her chariot for the second time and boards it, beginning to rearrange things. Tsukiko positions the live stag next to her. The creature, having been trained, does whatever she commands. She then ties one end of the rope to her bow, and another to her arrow. The moment she finishes organizing these items, the chariot takes off, nearing the spot where she will be put into the spotlight. Tsukiko prepares herself, ready to impress the crowd dressed as the Ancient Greek deity known as Artemis.
The District Seven chariot comes into view. Tsukiko looks straight ahead. She does not interact with her district partner or with the audience. She only works on looking apathetic and cold, trying to scare the audience through the use of her bow and stag. The crowd is drawn to this, as they want to learn more about Tsukiko. The applause of the audience echoes throughout the Capitol. Tsukiko does not waver. She keeps her emotionless appearance throughout the entire parade. When the chariot comes to a halt at the end of the avenue, Tsukiko raises the bow. With the president about to deliver his speech, Tsukiko pulls the bowstring back to her lips, aiming the arrowhead. With a calm breath, she releases her hold on the bowstring, watching as the arrow attached to the rope soars through the air, piercing the wall behind the balcony on which the president stands. Gracefully, Tsukiko then pulls herself up to the balcony, allowing a barely visible smirk to appear on her face as she hears the audience members collectively draw in a sharp breath. Soon, Tsukiko stands next to the president, whose mouth is open in shock. Tsukiko shoots the crowd a sly smile before exiting the balcony. She tosses her ebony-colored locks as she walks back to her room, planning what she’ll do for her private training session in her mind.

District Eight
•Holly Pine
Did not submit task
District Nine
•Façade Obiliscor
Facade stands stoicly as he is dressed to be the true reaper from 9. That which reaps the boundaries between life and death of more than just sprouting wheat stalks.
•Pirouette Reverie
Pirouette boards her chariot with bare feet, feeling the cool metallic surface beneath them. She utters not a word, standing soundlessly beside her district partner, Façade. She examines the chariot, paying close attention to the horses. She runs her manicured nails along the mane of one of the horses absentmindedly, waiting for the parade to commence. As the other tributes arrive and step into their respective chariots, Pirouette finds herself examining the outfit in which she has been dressed by her stylist.
She wears a long, black cloak with a roomy hood and open cuffs. The hood is atop her head, concealing her face for the most part. The cloak reaches all the way down to her bare feet, where it gathers in a pool of fabric. Lengths of fabric flow freely, obscuring Pirouette’s face. The part of her face that is visible shows to the audience Pirouette’s unnaturally pale skin, no doubt purposely done by her stylist. Makeup is used to create dark circles around her eyes and to make her skin appear to be sickly and blanch.
In her hands, Pirouette clutches a scythe. She taps her black painted nails along the handle as she awaits the beginning of the parade. The lethal blade of the scythe gleams under the overhead lights, reflecting all across the hangar. While Pirouette is running her lithe fingers along the dull blade of the scythe, her chariot finally lurches forward with a bone rattling jolt.
Without wasting a moment, Pirouette gets into character-that is, as the Grim Reaper. Instead of reaping stalks of wheat back in nine, she’ll reap lives in the arena. With her shoulders hunched, head facing the ground, feet together, and scythe clutched menacingly, Pirouette is ready to impress the Capitolite audience, and so, she hops off of her chariot, making her way to a secret destination.
The crowd’s roaring is thunderous as the District One chariot makes its appearance. Soon enough, the District Nine chariot comes into view. The crowd is puzzled upon seeing that only one tribute stands atop the chariot, that tribute being Façade. Pirouette Reverie is nowhere to be seen. That is, for the time being.
“Over here!” Pirouette announces, standing amidst the Capitol citizens in the audience. Most people turn just in time to catch a glimpse of her blonde hair before she is gone through the trap door beneath her feet. “Now I’m over here!” she exclaims, in the audience on the other side of the tribute avenue. She smiles, twirling the scythe above head, before descending through a trap door yet again. “Look,” she growls viciously, now in the center of the circle formed by the chariots at the end of the tribute avenue. “I’m here to reap the lives of my competitors, and I plan on doing it as easily as one chops down a single wheat plant,” she states just before disappearing in the final trap door

District Ten
•Oblivion Felis
Did not submit task
•Ivy Bluebell
Filler tribute
District Eleven
•Hesh Underson
He ran down the corridor. He was late all thanks to his stylist. He just made it in time as the first chariots started to leave. He jumped onto his chariot and He was thankful that he was in one of the last districts.
Hesh wore a pair of dungarees which was covered in different images of things to do with agriculture over it. It was a clever idea but Hesh wasn’t quite sure if it looked ok. He didn’t wear a shirt underneath because he was supposed to show off his body and his muscles- even though he didn’t have as much as the other tributes. He held onto the side and apologized to his district partner because he accidently hit her while trying to get on. Once he got his footing, he stood up straight and pumped his chest out. He didn’t engage with the audience and just looked forward. He only came out of his ‘trance’ when they all stopped so the president could do his speech. He talked about the meaning of the games and back at our home districts.
Filler Tribute

District Twelvef
•Gunter Lansdow
Filler Tribute.
Did not submit task

Sorry tributes for the delay. There has been some things going on.

Basically, my friend has been suffering with depression for a couple of months and over the last two of three weeks he went downhill. Luckily he is fine now-more or less and I was visiting him while he was in hospital when I was not in collage.

The parade will be posted within the hour and so will the next task. Task 2 and 3 will have to be done at the same time as I am going on ‘holiday’ over the weekend and will not be able to take my laptop. Thanks to those who did actually submit the task, I was really impressed with all of them~Fay 

How many paragraphs are you expecting for the task?

At least one. The more the better. You just need to say what you wear and what you do. The more detail you have, you have an increased chance of a reward because the quality would be better (probably) ~Fay

Don’t forget that the task has to be in by tonight. No task, no sponsor points. No task, more chance that you will have something unpleasant coming your way~Fay
Sponsor Points

For completing a task to a good standard, you will receive 5 points. Also, you’re Private Training scores turn into sponsor points. If you impress me, one of the rewards is that I might give you extra points and do the opposite, I might deduct them~Fay

How many sponsorship points will be given for completing tasks?

I forgot about that. Haha. I will say now~Fay

The urls should just be in your inbox when the tributes applied.

some people’s apps are in the drafts and some people don’t want to let peoppe know who they really are~Fay

59th Hunger Games- Tributes

District One

Peter Rith

Light Beam

District Two

Hades Naylor

Calla Bloodtear

District Three

Cordin Rhee

Lanni Green

District Four

Marco Llewellyn

Fantasea Fessas

District Five

Zwei Handerson

Willow Flannery

District Six

Yamaha Golightly

Odessa Maulanani

District Seven

Olympus Motecarlo

Tsukiko Akiyama

District Eight

Holly Pine

Jessie Jackon

District Nine

Façade Obiliscor

Pirouette Reverie  

District Ten

Oblivion Felis

Ivy Bluebell

District Eleven

Hesh Underson


District Twelve

Gunter Lansdow

Maggie (hope this is ok)

Can you post faceclaims?

That is what i’m trying to sort out. One or two people need to short theres out~Fay

Task 1-The Parades

You all arrive to the Capital and are whisked away to be prepared for the parades. You have gotten to grip with the fact that you are now tributes and are ready to face what ever comes next. Your stylist styles and dresses you up for the whole of Panem. This will be the first time people will see you. Also, you will be watched by me. You need to impress. Are you ready to face the crowd?

-Write in 3rd person i.e. She said
-You can use images but they have to be either photos or your own drawings.
-I will not be editing it so it will be posted straight onto the blog, so watch what you write.

The task is due in on Tuesday 8th April 11pm GMT. Ask for any extentions~Fay

The Capital

Fay sat on a chair in her bedroom, waiting for the reapings to start. She hated waiting. She threw knives against the wall, hitting the centre of the hand-drawn target on the wall every time. A buzz came through on her phone and a person’s face appeared as a hologram. It was one of her workers.
“Not long until the start of the reapings miss.”
The man sounded scared. She liked that. She got up and collected the knives from the wall.
“How long?” She asked as she put the knives back into the draws.
“Five minutes” He winced. She nearly swore.
She put on a fake smile and said in a quiet voice. She knew that this was scarier than shouting.
“Five minutes? I told you to let me know when it was twenty minutes. Get everything sorted and don’t let it happen again”.
“Yes miss”
He disappeared and Fay grabbed her badge before running out. She didn’t have enough time. Fay got the control room just as there was a countdown for one minute. She grabbed a clipboard of someone, she didn’t look to see who it was and took her place in the next room. She had to watch the tributes that had been reaped to see if the arena needed to be changed in any way to make it harder for the tributes as well as her job of running the games. She watched the reaping start.
District 1 was reaped first. The boy was trying to hide something and the girl looked like being picked was Christmas.
District 2 came second. The girl volunteered which wasn’t unusual for that district and a very young boy.
District 3 came next. The girl was deaf? Interesting. Everyone gave strange looks to the boy.
The last career district, District 4. The girl was defiantly noticeable and the boy seemed very scared.
District 5 was next. The girl volunteered which was unusual. The people thought that the boy had a chance.
Next, District 6. The boy didn’t seem very happy and the girl seemed the opposite.
District 7 was interesting. Nobody seemed to know who the girl was and the boy seemed strong.
District 8, followed. There was something about the boy which Fay couldn’t put her finger on and the girl seemed over the moon to go to her death.
District 9 had some strange names. They both seemed to be similar.
The two tributes from District 10 were a little strange. The girl seemed to be on a different planet and the boy kept on getting evil looks.
District 11 was also interesting. The girl was young and there was some drama with the boy. To the boys friend, was that supposed to be an insult?
District 12 was last. The girl seemed to expect it and the boy seemed ‘tuff’. Those people are easy to break down.
These were an interesting bunch, Fay thought. The capital seal showed on the screen along with the anthem before the screen went black. She went out of her room into the main control room.
“Right everybody, this is going to be an interesting year.”

Reaping-District 12

The last district to be reaped. The children were all ready, but that didn’t mean that they weren’t nervous. Terrified in fact. The men had all gone off to the mines to work and the mothers had to stay at home to make sure the kids would have some support. The mayor stood at the front and gave a long speech which everyone had heard already. The escort then took to the stage.
“Welcome to the Annual Hunger Games!” She said. “Time to see which lucky young man and woman will be chosen”
She went and took a slip of paper out of the girls bowl.
A girl just shrugged her shoulders and walked. She had been expecting this, but that didn’t mean that there was a small bit of hope.
The escort then picked out another slip, but from the boys bowl.
“Gunter Lansdow”
The boy pushed passed the other boys and strode to the stage. He was big and strong, but also had the habit of acting tougher than he was.
“The tributes representing District 12, Maggie and Gunter Lansdow!”

Reaping-District 11

Only a certain number of people in the district were in the square. The names had been already picked so they already knew who the two tributes were going to be to keep down the number of people in the square. The district had too may people. The lucky children who didn’t have to go had given them all sad looks. They were the lucky ones this year. The rest of the district gathered. There were Peacekeepers everywhere.
The escort put his hand in the bowl but everyone knew that there was one name.
” Josie”
A girl was pushed forward , wide eyes. She was only 12 years old. She didn’t stand much chance.
The next name was pulled out.
“Hesh Underson”.
A boy walked to the front with a look of confidence, but inside he was terrified. Another boy shouted out something that he couldn’t understand. Once on the stage, he saw his best friend being dragged away and beaten. He was the one who shouted.
” Your tributes, Josie and Hesh Underson!”